Our Lawyers

Syed Ahmed Saud

Solicitor (England &Wales), Advocate (India) and Counsel (DIFC, Dubai)

Professional Experience

Saud, is a solicitor and a renowned international lawyer, has nearly eighteen years of experience and including one decade of specialist experience as AML Prosecutor, as a Public Prosecutor and Sr. Panel Counsel for India’s Directorate of Enforcement (ED) for over seven years as well as a Defense Counsel. Being an active litigator, he is a regular face in the Supreme Court, High Court, lower courts as well as various special courts in Delhi. He also travels throughout India and abroad representing and advising his clients.

He started his practice in 2002. He has experience of conducting full-fledged civil and criminal trials and having a successful practice in three jurisdictions i.e., England and Wales (United Kingdom), DIFC (Dubai, U.A.E.) and in India. Over the years, he has developed a reputation of being a fierce litigation strategist with a strong legal foundations and deep understanding of the laws. He has a broad base of current and former clients including Citi-Corp, Delhi Wakf Board, Directorate of Enforcement, etc. Also being one of the top experts in PMLA cases, he has conducted various high-profile proceedings against several government ministers and multi-national corporations.

Syed Saud is also a member of various organisations/bodies across the world working on issues related to AML and has participated/conducted and is often invited as an expert to speak at AML workshops in prestigious international forum in cities like Las Vegas (US), London (UK), Riyadh (KSA), Dubai (UAE), Singapore, Hong Kong (CHINA) and Mumbai (India) on important topics and issues like Counter Terrorism Finance, Artificial Intelligence & AML, Cases/Trends in AML Crimes, Human Trafficking, Narcotics, Cyber Crimes, Virtual/Crypto Currencies, TBML, UBOs, PEPs, Gaming/Casinos, Elder Abuse, Developments in Fintech & RegTech, KYC/CDD, Issues in Correspondent Banking as highlighted by Wolfsberg Group, Sanctions, working of FIUs, updates from FATF and related bodies.

He is regarded as among the highly rated lawyers and pioneers of the modern global laws on Anti Money Laundering. He is dually qualified and having unrivaled experience in this field.

His forte of expertise includes Energy Laws, Anti Dumping Laws, Cyber Laws, Electricity Laws, etc..

He is also known for his philanthropical works and pro-bono activities.

Syed Faizy

International Corporate Lawyer

Professional Experience
Syed Faizy is a of-counsel with the Firm and advices in various areas, including general corporate, mining, M&A, employment, arbitration and dispute resolution matters. Syed Faizy has several years’ work experience with some leading names in India, Malaysia and Oman. He is on senior advisory panels of some Non-Government Organizations and commercial bodies in India and has also served on Board of a group of companies based in UAE.

Syed Faizy writes on various legal issues and some of his writings have been published in different international publications in Malaysia, Oman, and India in areas of corporate law, Islamic banking & finance, and labor law.

He was awarded Certificate of Appreciation by World Bank Group in the year 2019 for his contribution to certain World Bank publication.

Syed Daanish

International Corporate lawyer

Professional Experience

Syed Daanish is an Indian qualified lawyer from New Delhi, India.

He mainly advices in International Law, ranging from Legal Opinions, Company Formation, Corporate Profiling, Mergers & Acquisitions, Arbitration, Employment Laws, Environmental Laws, Electricity Laws, Cyber Laws, Anti-Dumping Laws, etc.

He is a law graduate from Amity University, NOIDA and has a post graduate degree in International law from IIU, Malaysia. As an accomplishment at IIUM he was awarded as the Best Student. He has good practice experience in New Delhi where he has advised a large number of clients ranging from government bodies to private individuals.

Syed Daanish works as a lawyer and a consultant. He is also a partner in the firm. He lends his support in Business Development as well.

He is a member of Young International Arbitration Group (YIAG) of London Court of International Arbitration.

He is a member of Bar Council of Delhi, India.

He is fluent in English, Urdu and Hindi with Arabic reading skills.

Syed Kashif

Corporate Commercial lawyer – Solicitor (England &Wales)

Professional Experience
Kashif is an of-counsel with the firm. He is internationally educated and qualified corporate and commercial lawyer. He has been associated with top international law firms for over a decade. Kashif primarily advises on various aspects of doing business, and structuring.

He has been part of team handling infrastructure projects as well. Internationally, he has led the team considering investment in the mining sector in West Africa, acquisition in Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE. Generally, he has a good understanding of businesses across sectors.

He has also played an important role in series of discussion, negotiations with government authorities on questions of law and contractual issues. He has advised international companies on a wide range of employment law related matters.

Mujeebuddin Khan

Lawyer & Sr. Journalist

Professional Experience

Mujeebuddin is a lawyer for last 30 years. He is also a member of the Supreme Court Bar Association. He has Masters in Law from the prestigious Aligarh Muslim University.

He has expertise in Media Law, Constitutional Law, Corporate Law and Arbitration.

Being from journalist fraternity he is very well connected to a large variety of important people from different walks of life.

Mohammad Parvez Dabas


Professional Experience
Parvez is a highly experienced lawyer and a senior associate. He has been in the legal profession for over 15 years and having an extensive expertise in Civil, Criminal and Constitutional matters and prepare and drafting of legal cases to present before the Court to initiate legal proceedings and having a diverse knowledge in various areas of law including Environmental, Cyber, Personal, Electricity Laws. He has regular appearances in Supreme Court of India, High Court of Delhi, National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission, Various Tribunals and other Consumer Fora.



Professional Experience

Uzmi is an experienced lawyer with over a decade of expertise in handling wide range of cases in Personal Laws and Property Disputes. He started his practice in 2004 and has nearly 16 years of experience in legal profession. His expertise is in Waqf Laws, Personal Laws, Land Laws, Electricity Laws, Cyber Laws, etc..

He is proficient in legal research on various internet portals to find out the appropriate citations relating to the case in question and study the case of the client and determine how it is applicable on it.

He was also appointed as a Counsel of IDBI Bank Ltd., he advised them on litigation strategies and conducted their matters before various Courts. Apart from this, he is actively involved in providing appropriate and effective legal advice to the clients.

Mohd. Moonis Abbasi


Professional Experience

Moonis is a trained litigation expert with core competencies and specialized areas of practice in Banking and Financial Services Sector of India, having vide range of litigation exposure across complete hierarchy of Courts/forums in India. He has a deeper understanding about legal affairs of commercial transactions with professional experience in Financial Investments in India and related regulatory framework. He has vast exposure by specializing in mergers, acquisitions, buy-outs and takeovers by foreign entities or MNC’s of Indian small and medium sized Firms.

He also specializes in providing professional guidance for step-by-step entry of foreign entities/companies into India, given the regulatory environment and statutory frameworks over here. As a part of establishing such companies/entities into India, he also specializes in conducting legal due diligence and verification of lands for industrial & corporate set-ups. He has also organized several seminars and has also been proactively involved in conferences on various legal and related issues.

Moonis, has also specialised in the past for Fund Raising of Indian Corporate houses through Alternative Investment Market of London Stock Exchange. He has remained actively involved in preparing business plans for various corporate bodies and uses critical analysis and evaluation techniques on the business landscapes for corporate decision making.

Aqib Baig


Professional Experience

Aqib is part of the firm’s litigation practice, having extensive expertise in various areas of law including Business, IPR, Cyber and several other laws. He is fully aware of the practice in Trial Courts with regular appearances to represent  the matters relating to civil and criminal side. He is post graduated in International Business Operations and coming from an academic background in business management and international business he is proficient is this area encompassing drafting of pleadings, agreements, contracts, privacy policies etc.

Mohammad Shahib


Professional Experience

Shahib is passionately involved in Trial Court practice and able to liaise with counsels in regard to on-going legal matters and preparation/drafting of cases and documents. He is also actively involved in assisting the senior counsels to conduct the cases before the Supreme Court, High Court and other Tribunals/Authorities.

Key Support & Executive Staff

POORAN SINGH (Executive staff-working with us since 1980’s)

GULAB SINGH (Court clerk working with us since 1980’s)