The Firm

The firm was established by its founder (late) Mr. Shakil Ahmad Syed in 1976 and is nearly 5 decades old. The firm is being represented by a team of established and well proven senior advocates, advocates on record and a team of juniors. With our principle office at new Delhi we enjoy the distinction of having nation-wide associates offering full-fledged legal services and also we cater to our international clients with four overseas presence, viz. in Dubai, Muscat, Kuwait, and London (UK).

The firm conducts its operations and represents its clients before various judicial forums from district courts to respective HCs culminating its ambit before the Supreme Court.

The firm is actively engaged and covers within its scope matters relating to civil laws, company laws, criminal laws, service law, electricity laws, arbitration and such other related or incidental matters arising out of the field more particularly enumerated here-in above.

(Late) Mr. Shakil Ahmad Syed


Professional Experience

Late Mr. Shakil Ahmad Syed founded Syed & Syed in the year 1979. He was an Advocate-on-record of Supreme Court of India for over 40 years. He possessed considerable knowledge of various areas of law. He was a dedicated professional as well as a very humble human being. He had excellent working skills and was a great team leader. There are several well established legal professionals in India who were trained under his guidance.

He advised and represented a wide variety of clients ranging from various State Governments and State owned corporations to leading businessmen as well as pro-bono works for poor-destitute people.

He was one of the few selected people in the country who formulated the draft of the current Waqf Laws in India.

He is known for his relentless philanthropic work and dedication towards various human welfare causes.